Drinking Lime blossom tea makes us warm around our hearts and lets make us feel thoughtful.

Once Albert Einstein said: “We live in a dangerous age: Man dominates nature before he has learned to control himself”. Let it do better, think green, trad sustainable, stay at Hotel Lindenhof. We will go on “No Waste” and “Organic” wherever we can…

We are happy to sell you our homemade Lindenhof products and other products of our organic partners from Brienz at over reception desk or order online.


Our home-made products

“Lindenhof” Lime blossom Tea
Box CHF 18.00

Garden Hotels "Herbal Tea Blend"
Box CHF 18.00

“Lindenhof” Lime blossom syrups
Bottle CHF 22.00

Garden Hotels "Gin"
Bottle CHF 48.00

“Lindenhof” Berry Coffee Brandy
Bottle CHF 38.00

Visit Lindenhof Garden

Vitale & Cultura

Yoga and self-discovery
Dance classes
Birdscience / Tree science
Nature walks animal observation “Wildpark Brienz”
The healing power of trees & herbs
Cooking classes with collected herbs and fruits

Dear guests

Hotel Lindenhof is still open. We are happy to serve breakfast to the few guests, but dinner we cannot offer anymore. The guests are hospitable and courteously looked after by our reduced team. If you would like to rebook or cancel your arrival, we will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call us on +41 (0) 33 952 20 30 or send an e-mail to We will provide you with information and advice as soon as possible.

The planned reopening of our "new" restaurant Lindenblüte
will be postponed indefinitely.

Stay healthy and don't forget:
Keep distance - Finger washing - Stay at home if possible